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live a life less ordinary.

An alethiometer is a fictional device which answers any question truthfully. Many wise people devote their entire lives to deciphering its mysteries and learning not only how to ask the question, but also to understand the answer. It doesn't care for a user's feelings, it has no sense of context. Those who ask it a question must be prepared to receive an honest, insightful answer - even if it's not the answer they want. It seems to have a dry, faint sense of humor.

This journal is

from here on out.

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See this guy? This is Gage. Gage is canineatheart's service dog. He helps her get around. He lives with her and her fiance, and her other dogs, in a house in West Virginia. In addition to her own dogs, my friend also rescues and fosters dogs from the local high-kill shelter. She is amazing at this. I've watched her rescue so many little guys, even the sad ones no one wants and the sick ones. Just last week, she nursed half a litter of puppies back from the depths of a parvo outbreak.

Today, while she was out running errands, someone threw a trashbag full of rat poison into her yard. Her fiance saw the dogs attacking the bag and got everyone back indoors. Some quick thinking and some canine first aid later, and everyone was safe, if a bit sore-tummied.

My friend no longer feels safe in her own home. But moving, and caring for a house full of canines, is not cheap. I made this little Gage doodle to help her continue her mission to rescue the dogs of West Virginia. For $10, you get a print of this - all of the proceeds go straight to my friend. If you'd like one, just comment here. It's simple. They'll be shipped on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I can only offer domestic shipping for this one. The prints are limited to a run of 25. They're about 7"x7".


Hello there, people of the internet!

I have a powerful need to eat at some point this coming week, and am also kind of interested in keeping the things that I have in a storage locker, as well as not having my electricity or my internet turned off. (Also, LOL rent and credit cards.)

So, commission tiem!

For as little as $10, get yourself a piece of original digital artwork, done by yours truly!

Due to the quick turnaround I'm looking for on these, here's what I'm offering:

$10 for small:
- flat or simple colors
- clean lines
- one figure/character, bust

$25 for medium:
- cel-type colors
- clean lines
- one figure/character, bust or torso

$50 for large:
- clean lines
- more detailed colors
- one character portrait, bust or torso or full-body

Rendered backgrounds start at $10; otherwise, backgrounds will be tonal in a harmonious or complementary color/gradient.
An additional character may be included at an additional cost: $5 for small, $10 for medium, and $15 for large

You'll receive a high-resolution (300dpi) .png file, suitable for printing or what have you. You'll also have the right to print it/reproduce it for personal use, but you are not permitted to sell it. Unless you request otherwise, it may be used in my portfolio.

Some examples: here's a small, here's a large.

I will open 10 of these spots for now (see below). If I blow through them and they get done quickly, I'll open them again later.

Comment here, or email meredactyl@gmail.com for more information. Payment is expected up front. Anticipated turnaround time for small pieces is the end of this week; medium, end of next week; large, end of the following week.


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